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The Story

After a Good Samaritan woman returned his wallet moments after it was lost on Good Friday morning, Kevin Smith did not think a mere “thank you” was enough. She literally went the extra mile for him, and he figuratively wanted to go the extra mile for her. He impulsively emailed the local news which subsequently aired an uplifting story that quickly spread nationwide. Knowing only the Good Samaritan’s first name, Kevin wondered if she was even aware of the positivity her kind act had inspired. A long shot Facebook search connected when a profile picture of a young woman and her dog resonated.

Soon Inside Edition, television’s top rated longest-running news program, planned to run a story in which the Good Samaritan would be publicly acknowledged. The story never aired, which compelled Kevin to pursue other paths to ensure she ultimately would be. Thus began an unexpected adventure of a lifetime leading to a fascinating connection with the York County SPCA based upon the Good Samaritan’s Facebook profile picture. A comment “pets are the glue that bond people and communities together” subsequently led to an even broader connection that will bring multiple communities and peoples together in a broad celebration of Kindness Week showcasing the true character and inherent goodness they possess. The spirit of Kindness Week reminds us that no act of kindness is too small to make a meaningful difference, and that anyone has the power to make a lasting positive impact through kind actions.

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About Kevin Smith

A distinguished graduate of Gettysburg College, Kevin is the founder of a wealth advisory practice in his home community of York County, PA. His values were shaped by his childhood upbringing. Kevin paid his way through college by selling produce from his grandfather’s farm, teaching him valuable lessons in responsibility, resourcefulness, and relationships. Through his mother’s example as a self-employed beautician and single parent dedicated to providing for her children, he learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, compassion, and serving a purpose greater than his own. He also took to heart the meaning of gratitude given his heartfelt appreciation of the sacrifices his mother and grandfather made on his behalf.


Kevin has continually strived to honor the cherished memory of his mother and grandfather guided by a conviction that “the meaning of life is to live it in a way to make a meaningful difference.” Kindness Week is not merely the legacy of a single act of kindness, but a tribute to the memory of those who made it possible through the foundational values forged over a lifetime.

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