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See below for various Kindness Worldwide initiatives already “in action” or “in the works!” 

In the spirit of collaboration that has defined this movement since its origins, we are excited to announce collaborative partnerships with multiple heart-centered organizations and individuals who share our passion for the “greater good!” 

When carefully selecting such partners, we actively pursue opportunities where heart, passion, and synergies intersect. In the eloquent words of one such partner Elia Gourgouris, Ph.D., Executive Producer and Co-Host of the new reality show “The Kindness Factor”, we only select partners who are “all heart, and no ego!”

If you possess such qualities, whether as an organization or an individual, reach out to us! We are happy to discuss, collaborate, and explore previously unchartered waters together! 

We have room for additional like-minded partners in any or all of our current initiatives. We also have future unknown initiatives that our imaginations have yet to reveal to us. We may not yet know them, but they already have a name: “Un-ScEnEs”. 

Kindness Week Worldwide.png
Kindness Week Worldwide
Kindness Worldwide Launch Event
Kindness Week Worldwide Launch Event.png
Screen ScEnEs
Screen ScEnEs.png
Music ScEnEs
Music ScEnEs.png
Sports ScEnEs.png
Sports ScEnEs
Citation ScEnEs.png
Citation ScEnEs
Kindness Card ScEnEs.png
Kindness Card ScEnEs
Un ScEnEs
Un ScEnEs.png
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