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Kindness Card "ScEnEs"

Kindness Cards are consistent with our mission to “make kindness intentional and top of mind in our daily lives and routines” (which we endearingly refer to as reinforcing “Kindfullness!”) They are a means of spreading kindness one “See the Good” and “Be the Good” card at a time!

We hope you will “go the extra mile” with us to ensure they are distributed broadly throughout our communities! Two types of cards are available with their own individual purposes and objectives.

“See the Good” cards are designed to reinforce our kindness “radar” by proactively searching for opportunities to hand a card to someone you observe demonstrating the 8 characteristics of kindness -

Gratitude, Patience, Forgiveness, Empathy, Respect, Joy, Generosity, Service


and/or who has performed an act of kindness that you’ve witnessed. Give them a card and let them know they’ve been “seen” while acknowledging their act of kindness! Encourage them to “pay it forward” by proactively searching for someone else to give the card to who is similarly deserving

“Be the Good” cards consist of 16 distinct individual cards, each with a unique act of kindness the card recipient is encouraged to perform. As they complete the assigned act, the card is to be passed to the beneficiary of their act of kindness who is similarly encouraged to “Perform and Pass It On!”

Consistent with our mantra, “See the Good” and “Be the Good” and “Go the Extra Mile” in getting our Kindness Cards into circulation throughout our communities!

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